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Seize the Day

Submissions on our theme of Carpe Diem have been flooding in from all over the world.  Today in the Riptide office we have been busy reading, reading and reading some more.  We have made the tiniest dent in the pile! Undaunted, we are asking for still more. The deadline is the end of November so seize… Read more

6 Word Short Story Competition

  Riptide are announcing their annual 6 word short story competition for December 2014 on the theme of ice! Please send your entries to, comment on our facebook post or tweet @riptidejournal. Looking forward to seeing all of your entries.    

Ancient Sunlight

  Riptide is currently working on a project with ‘Kaleider’ to produce an inspiring look at what people would do with the last barrel of oil on earth. This autumn, ‘Ancient Sunlight’ aims to run workshops in the community to produce poetry and short stories. The result will be a collection of books, written by… Read more

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