Volume 13: Climate Matters

Climate Matters, the thirteenth volume of Riptide has been produced in collaboration with Culture Matters, a co-operative of writers and activists who bring politics and the arts together.  The burning issue of our time – the climate crisis – is the central theme of this collection of short stories, poetry, images and science writing.  Many of the contributors ponder the links between our relentless drive to consume, our disrespect for the natural world and its disastrous effect on the climate and the survival of humanity.  In a range of ways they question the role that capitalism plays and the need for a redefinition of what constitutes a good life. Covid’s appearance during the selection process means the pandemic and issues of health – both individual and planetary – play their part in the whole.

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Introduction by Virginia Baily, Sally Flint & Mike Quille  6

Worst Case Scenario by John Bolland 8

Antarctica: As Seen on TV by Wes Lee 9

Torch Song by Robert Hamberger – 10

The Last Supper by Bob Beagrie – 11

Going Viral by Sally Flint – 12

In the Midst of the Sixth Great Extinction by Chris Waters – 13

Vanishing by Chris Waters – 14

Inheritance by Chris Waters – 15

Letters to Dad by Rachel Fenton – 16

Civilisation by Mark Kirkbride – 17

Sinn Féin by Lane Shipsey – 18

The Straw of Hope by Steve Pottinger – 19

‘I actually wanted to be a singer/writer/actor/painter/journalist, but I thought it was too insecure’ or: Fears First by Katharina Maria Kalinowski – 21

Vegas Heat by Emma Lee – 23

Tick Tock by Moya Roddy – 24

Red Flag by Moya Roddy – 25

Rewilding Red Hill by Peter Branson – 26

Only on the Page by Sylvie Lewis – 28

An Apology to a Snake by Mark Czanik – 29

Swimming Pool by Lou  – 31

All the Places that I do not know by Alice Jolly – 34

I Protest by Emily Way – 39

The End of Money by Gavin Boyter – 40

Round Black Grains by Kevin Doyle – 43

River by Corinna Wagner – 45

Time Please by Matt Osmond 49

My Emotional Landscape by Catherine Cartwright 56

Applewood Alley by Michael Bonnet 57

Properties of Plants by Ella Squirrell 66

The Flying Dutschmen by Martin Sorrell 67

In Late Rainy Season by Anthony Wilson 73

The Rewilding of Stonelands Farm by Marc Woodward 74

All Decent and fair-minded people by Chiatulah Ameke 75

The Ghost of Wangari Maathai by Edith Knight Magak 77

Orangutan by Katina Laoutaris 78

Starbucks in the Gutter by Julian Bishop 80

The Lazarus Taxa by Fran Lock 81

Journal of the Covid Year by Barry Tempest 83

In Fashion by Anna Kisby 88

The President by Chiatulah Ameke 89

Gauging the Distance by Kim Squirrell 91

The Gardens of Minterne Magna, Dorset—October 2018 by Gill Barr 93

Overshoot by Natalie Garrett 94

Rise Up by Natalie Garrett 95

The Village of Dung by Habib Mohana 101

A Civilisation Hell-bent on Destroying itself by James Dyke 111

Surrender: Welcomb Mouth Beach by K W Ashleigh 112

Alive Through Time by Rich Downes and Charlet Wilson 113

The Island by Ian Inglis 115

This Is Not An Exit by George Aitch 119

She Sings the Mist Away by David Cook 123

Climate Stories by Pierrette Thomet and Peter Stott 125

The Big Pause by Elena Kozlova 127

Turning a Wrench for Raindrops in this Miraculous World by Fred Voss 131

Contributors 133