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This first volume contains a short story by Philip Hensher, whose latest novel The Northern Clemency was short listed for the Man Booker Prize 2008.

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The Death of John Garang – Philip Hensher

It had been fifteen years since I’d been in Cairo. At the end of the driveway of the hotel, a figure in the hotel livery, red and gold, raised his arm; the taxi stopped. Two men came from the shadows. Their white uniform had less show about it, and more meaning. They wore no gold badge with their names; had taken less care to be clean for my sake. One carried a device; a four foot pole with, at the bottom, an angled mirror; a dentist’s tool, a dentist for giants. He ran it swiftly under the car’s bodywork. His colleague said something to the driver, who tugged ineffectually at some lever under the dashboard; he spoke again, and the driver got out and forced the boot open. It was a Cairo taxi; a randomly chosen model and make of car that had been painted in black and white squares, giving it authority enough for the job. They looked together; the boot was closed. I had seen this procedure before at the entrance to government buildings. The driver got back in and drove the remaining twenty yards or so.   

Table of Contents

Editorial – Virginia Baily and Sally Flint

Chickens – Luke Kennard 1

In the Orchard – Joanna Guthrie 5

Piggy Back – Ginny Baily 18

The Jarvis Route – Maggie Bevan 23

My Blood – Wame Molefhe 32

Obsession – Helena Locke 40

Tin Bird – Andy Brown – 43

Neap Tide – Lane Ashfeldt – 51

Listen – Sally Flint 55

The Death of John Garang – Philip Hensher 57

Roll up for the Arabian Derby – Susan Wicks 71

PMA – Joyce Ito 79

Shiloh Road – Max Dunbar 82

History Lessons – Paul Harvey 91

Maud and Joseph – Chelsey Flood 99

Julie – Jane Feaver 103

Turning – Heather Reid 108

Irrigation – Vanessa Gebbie 116

A Christmas Story – Rachel Regan 123

Contributors 134