Dinner of the Dead Alumni – Adam Marek

Today the streets of Cambridge are crawling with dead alumni. Their ghosts perch on punts, trailing their fingers through the green weed without raising a ripple. They fly round Trinity college’s Great Court, performing the 367m run before even the tenth of the twenty-four chimes. They cheer themselves, but their cheers reach no corporeal ears. The dead waft through the Grand Arcade, raising goosebumps on the fresh navels of girls texting outside Topshop. They hover at the doorway o the Apple store, whooping every time a fresh burst of radio waves casts them across the concourse and dashes their weightless bodies on the ground. 

    Preston cannot see them, but ever since he Yolanda arrived with their twin girls, he has been aware of something funky in the air. 

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note – Jane Feaver   v

Introduction – Luke Kennard vii

Coming in to Land – Robert Shearman    1

The Anniversary – Ginny Baily    7

Ship of Dreams – Jane Rusbridge 13

The Only Interesting Thing About You Is The Stories You’ll Tell About Me – Matt Thorne 19

The Interview – Sally Flint 31

Camera Obscura – Wena Poon 39

The flying bush cow helmet mask – Jenny Newman 53

Three Shells – Zoë Teale 61

The Visit – Karen Stevens 67

Saved – Jane Rogers 73

Conspiracy – Eleanor Knight 85

Café Bohemia – Alison MacLeod 93

Cuckoo – Nicholas Royle 103

Dinner of the Dead Alumni – Adam Marek 113

Gifts – Jo Lloyd 127

Losing my Religion – Alison Napier 137

Contributors 151