Ginny Baily’s novel

Africa Junction, Riptide editor Ginny Baily’s debut novel, will be published by Harvill Secker on May 3rd.  The novel artfully interweaves the stories of dramatically different lives and experiences.  From the rain-drenched streets of Britain to the sun-baked reds and yellows of Senegal and the violence of Liberia’s civil war, Africa Junction follows one woman’s attempt to draw the threads of her life together. 

‘Africa Junction beautifully expresses the search for survival, love and meaning.’ Helen Dunmore

‘Ginny Baily writes with perception and insight, telling the stories of her many characters with great skill and eventually weaving them together into a satisfying whole. It’s a compelling read, carrying you along effortlessly, each section creating its own momentum long before the connections become clear.’ Clare Morrall

‘Original, memorable and warm, this will be one of the most striking debuts of 2011.’ Philip Hensher

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