Dirt Pie Press, publishers of Riptide short story anthologies and Canto Poetry, now offers a consultancy for writers, Space for Writing, on short stories, poetry, life-writing and novels. We offer a range of services including editing, proof reading and typesetting, as well as feedback and mentoring for individual writers and creative writing groups at all levels. Our editorial team are published writers and experienced tutors in creative writing. As writers, editors, teachers and publishers we understand the genesis and evolution of contemporary writing practice − and re-drafting until the words are right.

While feedback and mentoring will not secure or guarantee a publication deal or an agent it does help writers with personal development, gain confidence, work to deadlines and value their ‘writing’ voice. We recognise that writing is a solitary occupation and that writers value professional support.

If we receive work that fits in with what we are publishing at Dirt Pie Press we may also offer the opportunity of publication.

Feedback Service:

Tick box critique/feedback sheet: The report will help writers refine a piece of writing and define its strengths and weaknesses.

Stories – up to 3000 words £40

Poems – up to 25 lines £30

Micro Fiction – up to 1000 words £30

Life Writing – up to 3000 words £40

Comprehensive Reports – Personalised critiques which cover relevant aspects of a particular piece, analysing such things as structure, characterisation, style and pacing. These reports are written by one tutor and may make specific suggestions on re-writing, further research and fine editing.

Short stories £40 per 1000 words

Poetry – £30 per 20 lines

Micro Fiction – £40 up to 1000 words

Life Writing £40 per 1000 words

Individual novel chapters £40 per 1000 words


If you wish to develop a work in progress we can discuss your needs and calculate fees accordingly. Email editors@riptidejournal.co.uk for more information. We can advise on and help with:

Short Story Collections/anthologies

Poetry sequences and collections


Life Writing Projects

Editing and Proof Reading Service

We can help with editing and proof reading of any writing project small or large.

Space for Writing tutors can also tailor creative writing sessions for groups.  Email editors@riptidejournal.co.uk for further information and prices.